About me

My Life Story

Hi, I’m Tammy Neff. I am also widely known as The Healthcare Lady. I live in Texas, on the north side of Dallas. I am the President and co-founder of The Insurance Suite, LLC, a National Insurance Brokerage. I have been working in the financial services field since 1999 with my husband, Brian.

Tammy Neff - The Healthcare Lady


I began my career in the nursing field, and later moved into education as our children were growing up. Once they graduated, I moved full-time into running our national insurance practice. I also assist my husband Brian with the day-to-day operations in our Registered Investment Advisory firm.

Having worked in both nursing facilities as well as public schools, I have vast knowledge on educating the public on what’s available for their healthcare needs.

I have seen first-hand the long term effects of having a family member in a nursing facility, as well as seeing many clients endure this path.

Speaker at Educational Healthcare Events

As America ages, the need for healthcare planning is growing. There are 10,000 of us turning age 65 each day, and Medicare planning is vital to sustaining a prosperous retirement. Our firm holds educational workshops on a variety of topics such as Medicare Planning, Social Security Planning, and Healthcare Planning for those under the age of 65.


What is best thing I can do?

  • Medicare Planning
  • Medicare Supplement Planning
  • Prescription Drug Planning
  • Healthcare Planning, aka Obamacare
  • Life Insurance Planning

The Future

Life is uncertain. It’s fairly easy to purchase healthcare products today. If you make a mistake though, there may be penalties to get you back in the right place. At retirement, you can’t afford to make mistakes, as we don’t have the time needed to recover. Securing your healthcare in retirement is my #1 priority.

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