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Accident and Emergency Health Plans

Accident and Emergency Health Plans

More than ever before, individuals are turning to high-deductible, high co-pay major medical policies as the best way to keep their insurance premiums affordable.

Unfortunately, high-deductible plans shift responsibility for a large portion of health care costs to you.

Accident and Emergency Health Plans are the two types of plans created to offset some of these high deductible health plans.

Accident Expense Plans

That is why we have created a powerful complement to high-deductible or any major medical plan – Accident Expense Plans. Some of the benefits of these plans are:

1) It helps cover deductibles, co-pays and other expenses not covered by your primary major medical plan
2) No coordination of benefits with other health plans means receiving benefits faster and in addition to other coverage to pay for out-of-pocket expenses
3) Online application and guaranteed issue for accident coverage means fast and easy processing
Note: Benefits are subject to the terms of the policy, including pre-existing conditions, limitations and exclusions.

Emergency Care Plans

These are an accident medical expense plan with a wide range of benefits and options designed to supplement a family’s basic medical protection.

Some Key Benefits that many plans offer:

1) Delivers benefits for the injuries clients are most likely to need coverage for, including most children’s sports injuries
2) Two coverage options: off-the-job-only or 24-hour protection
3) Scheduled benefits for AD&D, surgery, ambulance, emergency treatment, lacerations, physical therapy, family lodging and more
4) Provides a death benefit if death occurs within 90 days of a covered accidental injury
5) Pays all benefits directly to the policy holder (unless payment is assigned to a healthcare provider), regardless of what is covered by traditional health plans

As you can see, Accident and Emergency Health plans play a major part in modern day healthcare planning. Contact us today for more information.

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